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Before accessing and using the websites and services, you are asked to read attentively the following terms and conditions under which use of TheEarthHub.com and its content are allowed.

Use of TheEarthHub.com shall constitute a presumption that the visitor/ user has studied, understood and accepted all Terms of this Site. In case the visitor/user does not accept these Terms in full, then they should not use the services and the content of the Site. From time to time we reserve the right to change the Terms unilaterally and without notice, for this reason you should check them frequently.

The visitor/user of the services understands and accepts that TheEarthHub.com reserves the right to alter and /or suspend, temporarily or permanently, part or all of its services with or without notice.


Visitors / users of TheEarthHub.com shall refrain from any illegal, unfair or abusive use of the content and services of the site, as well as from any act or default that may cause damages to TheEarthHub.com or to third parties.

It is mutually understood and accepted that the user/member is solely responsible for any content (e.g. data, text, graphics, photos, pictures, music files, videos, messages) that uploads, publishes, sends, transfers or else makes available through TheEarthHub.com services. The user/ member accepts and guarantees that the said content is original and does not violate the copyright or any other rights of third parties. In case the user/ member uploads, publishes, sends, transfers or else makes available a recipe through TheEarthHub.com, they guarantee that it is their own recipe and will not cause any harm to anyone. If the content uploaded is a message, then the user/ member shall show good behavior, be decent and not use illegal or immoral wording. TheEarthHub.com reserves the right to remove or suspend the message display in case of violation of the above mentioned provisions. In no case shall TheEarthHub.com be considered that they endorse or accept in any way the expressed ideas or beliefs. In case TheEarthHub.com receives a notice that a user uploaded/published a message that violates third parties’ rights, then TheEarthHub.com reserves the right to erase immediately the said message or even to suspend the account of the user who created it.

The user/member grants automatically to TheEarthHub.com the absolute, royalty – free and without any restrictions – regarding the region, time or other restriction – license to use, transmit, reproduce, alter, modify, re-format, edit, adapt, publish, commercially exploit, sell, make available in any way and in any media, to include it in other works, as well as to further transfer these rights to any third party without any consideration for the user/member and without any restriction regarding the time, the region or any other restriction for the content the user member provides or uploads to the site TheEarthHub.com, declaring with the present their irrevocable and unreserved consent. Furthermore, the user/member’s content may be available for advertising or sponsorship reasons, without any consideration for the user/member. TheEarthHub.com is not obliged to upload or make any use of the content that is submitted by a user/member. On the contrary, TheEarthHub.com may reject it for any reason, without the obligation to notify the user/ member.

The user/ member who uses the site’s services and uploads or publishes information, data, texts, photos, images, messages, etc, grants TheEarthHub.com the license to use the space where the content is uploaded for advertising reasons. Moreover, the user who uploads and/or publishes information, data, texts, photos, images and messages consents to the uploading and /or publishing of advertisements by TheEarthHub.com to the relevant pages.

The user of TheEarthHub.com understands and accepts that they are responsible to compensate the site and its collaborators for any legal dispute that may arise between the site and third parties due to the content that the user has made available for uploading, publishing, or other transfer through the site’s services.

The user understands and accepts that TheEarthHub.com has the exclusive right to disable a user’s username and password to its services or/and interrupt its content availability to those users who – at its own discretion - have violated the present Terms.  

TheEarthHub.com has no responsibility for any communication that is being held between the user and third parties who are advertised through the site or for any possible commercial transaction between them.


Except as otherwise stated (third parties’ rights) all the content of TheEarthHub.com (texts, graphics, photos, digital music, programs news, articles, information, data, layout, depictions, trademarks, distinctive figures, names, logos, product names, company name, etc) are intellectual/ industrial property of TheEarthHub.com and are protected by national, European and international provisions. They are available strictly for personal use and it is explicitly forbidden to (completely or partially) copy, reproduce, transmit, transfer, upload, store, republish, translate, distribute, sell, alter in any way and through any media, as well as communicate, spread or make any other use of the site’s content for commercial or any other reason, without the previous explicit written consent of TheEarthHub.com. The trademarks, distinctive figures, product and services names, company names, graphics and logos that are registered trademarks and intellectual property of third parties belong to their legal beneficiaries, are their responsibility and their appearance in the site is not and should not be considered as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them.


TheEarthHub.com makes every possible effort for the proper operation of the website. However, it cannot guarantee that the pages, services and contents will be provided without any interruption or errors as well as that any defects will be corrected.

User/member of TheEarthHub.com understands and accepts that, due to its size, TheEarthHub.com is not possible to control all content that is uploaded to the site by its users/members. TheEarthHub.com does not carry out a previous control of the content that is uploaded by users/members, however it reserves the exclusive right (and not obligation) to refuse at its own discretion the uploading, transfer and deletion of any content. No responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of TheEarthHub.com for any harm or damage that is suffered by the use of the content that is uploaded, sent, transferred or made available in any other way by the users/ members of the site.

Due to the nature and size of Internet, under no circumstances, negligence included, shall TheEarthHub.com be held responsible for any kind of damage that user/member will have suffered by accessing pages and services of TheEarthHub.com, which they access on their own initiative.


The content and information included in TheEarthHub.com are offered to the visitor/ user of TheEarthHub.com and generally to internet’s users and are provided “as is”. In no circumstances shall they be considered as valid information or/and advices, nor do they conceal an inducement to attempt or not certain act. Therefore, visitors/users of TheEarthHub.com, by using its services on their own initiative, undertake the relevant responsibility to cross- check the provided information. Certain information is provided by third parties and TheEarthHub.com is in no position to verify them or to guarantee their accuracy.

The site reserves the right to alter of suspend temporarily or permanently part or all of its services with or without notice to users/members.


TheEarthHub.com may – in the future – collect users’ identification data by using the relevant technologies, such as cookies or/and IP addresses. Cookies are small text files saved to the visitor’s/user’s hard disk and are not cross –referenced with any other information. They are used to facilitate visitors/ users’ access regarding certain services or/and pages of TheEarthHub.com for statistic reasons, in order to determine which pages are useful or popular. These elements may also include the type of browser a visitor/user use, the kind of computer, its software, internet service providers and other information of this kind. The visitor/user of TheEarthHub.com may modify the settings in their browser in such a way that it will either warn them for the use of cookies in certain services or disable cookies. Disabling cookies, however, may mean that users may not have access to certain services of the site.


TheEarthHub.com does not control the availability, content, privacy policy and personal data, quality and completeness of other sites and pages to which it refers through hyperlinks or advertising banners. TheEarthHub.com shall not be considered in no way that it endorses and accepts the content or the services of these sites and pages to which it refers or is connected with them in any way. Accordingly, TheEarthHub.com is not responsible for any communication of its users/members with third parties that are advertised through the site and for any commercial transaction, its terms, as well as for the quality of the goods that may arise from their relationship. The transaction and its terms are specified by the visitor/user and the goods or service providers, who are bound by them.  


TheEarthHub.com collects and processes personal data that is not sensitive when the visitor/user registers to its services, enters to promotions and advertising programs, as well as when enters to competitions. TheEarthHub.com may use these data, only to promote its offers and services, unless the user/member has rejected this option. TheEarthHub.com will not disclose visitors/users’ personal data to third parties unless they are bound by Law or by competent authorities’ decision. TheEarthHub.com may transfer users’/members’ personal data to third parties only if: a) they expressively have given their consent and b) the transfer of personal data to third parties collaborating with TheEarthHub.com is necessary in order to materialize users’ orders. In any case, users/members may unsubscribe by visiting the relevant service of the site. TheEarthHub.com reserves the right to alter its privacy policy upon informing its visitors/users. If a visitor/user does not accept the privacy policy, as provided herein, then they should not use TheEarthHub.com’s services. The management and protection of visitors/users personal data is done under these terms and the relevant provisions of Greek law (Law 2472/1997 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as in force and the relevant decisions of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority). In case of questions, remarks, comments, as well as in order to exercise the right to access or/and to object to the process of data, the communication is possible through the contact form of TheEarthHub.com.


The present terms and conditions of use of TheEarthHub.com, as well as any amendment, are governed and complemented by the Greek Law and sole jurisdiction is granted to the Courts of Athens. If any provision of these Terms is held to be illegal, the Terms shall continue to be valid as to their remaining provisions. The present constitutes the entire agreement between TheEarthHub.com and the visitor/user of the site.